Skincare range that honours the skin’s natural integrity

Rosa Exclusives: Brief Description of Variants

Rosanique. Intensely Anti Ageing, Rosanique is one of the best topical treatments for hyperpigmentation. It is excellent for dehydrated, sensitive skin and is good for broken capillaries. Oily skins will also benefit from daily use because of the presence of Linoleic Acid which has been used to successfully treat mild acne. Rosanique refines the pores with regular use and will enhance the efficacy of cosmetic treatments.

Rosa Protégé is a new generation day treatment because it protects the skin on several fronts. It’s powerful anti-oxidant properties resist free radical scavengers. Rosa Protégé will prevent moisture loss, protect the protein structure and it has a sun protection factor of 280nm – 320 nm. In addition, Rosa Protégé firms the skin and softens the keratin. In short, this is a moisturiser, sun protector and anti-oxidant in one bottle. NB. Natural oils are never to be confused with mineral oils.

Rosa Perfection is an exceptional treatment for the eye contour. Rapidly absorbed it will show a result in a very short time indeed. Dark circles become lighter and puffiness is reduced. In time fine lines are completely eradicated and the area becomes firmer and more resilient. Although we do not sell on price, this product is far superior to top, expensive brands from other houses.

Rosa Silhouette. A firm favourite with women over 30 who have dry skin or who need to tone up after weight loss or pregnancy. It is a light, but the rich product and therefore should be used with caution by people who suffer from acne (Rosanique is better for this). The silhouette is moisturising, firming and has a mild sun protection factor because it contains Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Essential Oil both of which absorb the UVA and UVB rays. Rosa Silhouette has anti-oxidant and skin healing properties as well and can be safely used on open cuts or abrasions.

Rosa for Men. This has a great following with a small select group of men. They re-order religiously every 3 months. It is easy to apply and what is nice is that it can be used on face, neck and in the eye contour making it a fabulous product for lazy men. Rosa Protégé is uni-sex and the same men who use Rosa for Men use Rosa Protégé in the day time. Or, over Rosa for Men if they have scarring or similar to fix.