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An elite skincare range that works on the principle of correct nutrition. For just as we need to eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy body, so too does the skin require healthy nutrition. In fact, what is often overlooked entirely is that nutrition is the KEY to vibrant skin. And this is the ethos and success behind Rosa Organics. We do not clutter our range with unnecessary variants; we have developed products that will protect, feed and repair your skin. This, along with daily cleansing, is all that is required to maintain healthy, happy skin.

We have focussed on simplicity and looked for sources that will provide a plethora of nutrients which enables us to use the least possible ingredients. Less is More is the Rosa ethos. And it is one of the reasons we use natural and organic plant oils exclusively.

These are sourced from the countries of origin and as such will contain oils that are not to be found in the majority of skincare products on the shelves. But which, although fairly exclusive and difficult to come by, contain essential nutrients to ensure that the skin retains its vibrant, youthful appearance. And it is never too late. If you are one of those people who have tried out just about all the brands available only to find yourself changing after 6 months to yet another brand, then you are our prime target audience.

You see, nature-identical formulations, as found in most skincare ranges, will improve the appearance of your skin up to a point. Thereafter a ceiling will be reached. Truly natural skincare contains nutrients that are essential and a benefit will be derived forever. The initial improvement is very noticeable, yet far from the benefits reaching a "ceiling" as with conventional skincare, with Rosa Organics your skin will continue to derive benefits, albeit at a slightly reduced rate.

Seeing and feeling is believing. We invite you to start your Rosa Experience now. You will never look back. Ask me. I am the founder of Rosa Organics, and I thank my lucky stars I tried out my first little bottle of Rosehip oil way back in 2006. For the improvement was so dramatic that it compelled me to add Rose Absolute (rose petals) to the Rosehip oil, and to source other oils such as Cucumber Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Gevuina Avellana Oil, and Apricot Kernel oil to create variants that will suit all skin types. And this is how Rosa Organics became.
In good skin health I remain, yours truly

Lynn Schultz

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