Exclusives Range

Rosa Exclusives is range of classy, active and concentrated oils and serums that contain intelligent skin nutrients that will restore the lustre and youthful lines to your skin in a very short space of time. In one week fine lines will start to fade and in 14 days your skin will glow with health. In three weeks further improvements are noted and in 3-4 months the improvements will be fairly dramatic. The benefits to be gained by using Rosa Organics range of exclusives oils and serums are:
+ Improved hydration
+ Eradication of fine lines
+ A smoother, firmer skin
+ Fading of sun damage and hyper-pigmentation
+ Prevention of moisture loss
+ Protection against free radicals (anti-oxidant)
+ Protection from UVA and UVB rays (prevents skin cancer & sun damage)
+ A natural glow that is not product induced, it comes from within.
+ Protection from premature ageing to the skin

Shopping Guidelines

We use a courier service to deliver orders to your door in all the main (airport) centres. We pick up the full courier fee and pass on a portion to our customers depending on the size of the order.

1) Johannesburg customers will pay R40 towards the courier for orders up to R1000.00 in value. Over R1000 the courier is free.

2) Customers in the other main centres will pay R60 for orders up to R1000 in value. Over R1000 the courier is free
3) Customers living in regional towns have two options.

3.1 Overnight Post Office counter to counter if no Postnet is available. Postnet takes 2-3 weeks days. . Orders under R1000 in value R50.00. Orders over R1000 in value `= no charge. Post Office. R50 for orders under R1000 in value. Free for orders over R1000 in value.

Payment Methods

You need to tick the shipping method and the amount will be calculated for you.
You will be given an option to choose the payment method.
Payfast option = Credit Card
EFT = You do an EFT from your bank account to Rosa Organics bank account. You will be given bank details when you have filled your cart and wish to pay.
Email Rosa for advice prior to ordering. We will generate a manual order once you have made your selection. The order will be dispatched once payment has been received,
Thank you for your Business!