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Rosa Protégé is a unique product. It is a powerful Anti-Oxidant and it contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It supports the lipid barrier,(protective layer) hydrates at the cellular level, moisturises and prevents moisture loss. Rosa Protégé has a natural sun protection factor of 280nm - 320nm which will protect the deep layers of the skin from sun damage.

Rosa Protégé's chief ingredient, Gevuina Avellana (Chilean Hazelnut Oil) contains Palmitoleic Acid in concentrations of 26% - 27% which is high. Emu Oil, for example, only has 4%. Palmitoleic Acid (Omega 7) is being heralded as an essential skin nutrient that is at its highest levels in young adults. It drops off rapidly as we age and is a primary cause of ageing. Rosa Protégé protects the protein structure of the skin, softens the keratin and will firm the skin considerably with regular use.
Rosa Protégé is the ultimate in daycare because it softens the skin, prevents moisture loss, protects the basal layer through its free radical scavenger capabilities, and provides moderate protection against UVA and UVB rays**. Rosa Protégé has been carefully researched and its formulation is such that it protects, and regenerates. Typically, these two properties are contained in separate products. The pleasing, herbal aroma make Rosa Protege popular with both women and men.
*This product contains Tocotrienols which are more powerful than the more commonly occurring Tocopherols. It also contains Cucumber Seed Oil which is high in phytosterols. Phytosterols prevent the loss of collagen and assists in building new collagen.
** A sunscreen is advised for prolonged exposure to the sun
Rosa Protégé is a new generation day treatment.
30ml Bottle with Pipette

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