Rosa Renewal - Detoxifying Body Rub

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Rosa Renewal is a superb treatment for the body.  It contains a blend of Raspberry Seed Powder, which contains beta-Carotene and Vitamin E, Himalayan Salt, Multani Mud and Neem Husks.  Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals, and Multani Mud is rich in beneficial skin compounds, such as silica, iron oxide & magnesium. The negative charge in the mud attracts the positively charged toxins and Multani mud is thus a good detoxing agent.

Rosa Renewal has been infused with Cyprus Essential Oil which improves circulation, is good for varicose veins, and for broken veins.  Rosa Renewal can be mixed with a little Rosa Elementals Hydrator and then applied in circular motions, or with Rosa Silhouette. If using an oil to mix, then the actions are greatly enhanced if applied before going into a steam bath or sauna. If, instead, water is used, or the powder is applied to a damp skin, massage gently and then rinse off with warm water after a minute or two. There will be a slight, pleasant, stinging sensation which is brought about by the stimulating and healing properties.  The Multani Mud is excellent at drawing out impurities and is good for an itchy rash, pimples, or any condition where the infection may spread.

Note:  Apply Rosa Silhouette or Rosa Hydrator to a slightly damp skin.

80g tin.

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