Rosa Silhouette - Moisturing and Firming, for Face and Body

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Rosa Silhouette (100ml) will firm, tone and moisturise the skin. It is extremely light and yet intensely moisturising. Rosa Silhouette has regenerating properties and because of the superior formulation of this remarkable product, it is excellent for use on both the face and body. Its firming properties make it particularly effective when used on the neck, décolletage, upper arms and abdomen. Rosa Silhouette has high levels of Oleic Acid**, which is intensely firming and has skin softening properties. This remarkable face and body oil contain Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Wild Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil and Neroli Essential Oil.

Wild Carrot Seed Essential Oil is one of the best essential oils for the skin. It is excellent for after sun care, will guard against age spots, prevent wrinkles, and strengthen the elasticity in the skin. Rosa Silhouette is a one-for-all skincare product because it moisturises, firms & tones, protects and regenerates. It is also excellent for treating sun damage, stretch marks and scarring from any cause.
** Oleic Acid should be used with caution by anyone suffering from acne. Instead, use Rosa Protege on the face and Rosa Silhouette from the neck down.
Rosa Silhouette has no equal.
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