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Intensely Anti-Ageing and Regenerating, this extremely light serum, or dry oil, contains Organic Rosehip Seed Oil (the seed of the wild rose), and Rose Oil (derived from rose petals) . The concentration of this precious oil elegantly complements the superior actions of organic rosehip seed oil to produce a treatment that will provide the skin with all that it needs to repair, rejuvenate and renew the skin. The results achieved by using Rosehip Seed Oil alone have been widely documented as significantly improving sun damaged, pigmented, de-hydrated, sensitive and superficially wrinkled skin. Rosanique has taken the initiative by enhancing these properties with the inclusion of generous proportions of that most precious of all essential oils, Rose Oil. Rosanique is in a class of its own in rose serums.

Rosanique performs best when applied at night because its potent actives work while the body is in renewal mode. Within one week the skin will appear luminous and hydrated and fine lines are minimised. If used daily over a period of 3 to 4 months the improvement to collagen levels and general appearance are dramatic. Rosanique is a powerful aid in combatting sun damage, acne scarring and broken veins.

Rosanique is Zen-Like in its simplicity, yet complex in it actions.

30ml Bottle with Dropper Pipette

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