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In all premium skincare to be found on salon shelves, a percentage of good natural oil is to be found. This is because oils contain an abundance of nutrients that the skin needs in order to retain its health and to retain their youthful appearance. Our products are concentrated and only contain natural oils. No glycerol stearate, no aqua, no fillers of any sort at all. Just pure, concentrated goodness that is at the very top in terms of efficacy and finesse. The oils we use have the best molecular structure (thus ensuring penetration) excellent composition (vitamins, fatty acid compounds, phytosterols, etc) and are very easy to use. One Rosa Organics product does the job of three in conventional (creams) skincare.


Natural Oils

Each of the oils performs a different function and Rosa Organics skincare range is thus able to provide skin care for all skin types and for occasions. Our oils have all undergone stringent testing and are certified either organic or natural. Equally, Rosa Organics’ products contain the most active and nutritionally packed oils to be found, which all belong in the top of the pyramid in Natural Oils.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Also known as the ``miracle oil`` this oil is good for all skin types but in particular damaged or prematurely aged skins.

Natural Chilean Hazelnut Oil

A powerful protector, firming agent and regenerator.

Raspberry Seed Oil

A superb light textured oil that is rich in nutrients. Contains polyphenol compounds, Vitamin E and is high in Linoleic Acid.

Cucumber Seed Oil

An excellent treatment for the sensitive eye area this oil is loaded in Vitamin C and will prevent the loss of collagen.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Firming and moisturising this is a stalwart in many skin care preparations.

Jojoba Oil

Very close to natural sebum Jojoba Oil is actually a wax and is extremely good for all skin types.



The skin care business is highly competitive and it is for this reason that chemists are continually looking for new ways to approach anti-ageing. However, with all the developments that become this year’s buzz the result to be achieved is exactly the same.

A firm, healthy, vibrant, glowing and youthful appearance forever. It is just a matter of how one approaches it. We use nature’s miracles to achieve our results and are proud to say that no matter the age of our customers, all show a marked improvement to the condition of their skins. Our age spectrum is from 15 to 85 years of age.

Natural oils mimic the skin, you see and give the skin it is “talking to” exactly what it needs when it needs it.

Rosa Organics - A skincare range that honours the skin’s natural integrity.