Rosa Organics Range of Skincare Products

Rosa Elementals: Brief Description of Variants

Rosa Elementals is the perfect supporting range for Rosa Exclusives.

The Exclusives Range is very active and therefore it is necessary to remove the dead skin that accumulates (through cellular renewal) and to polish the skin in preparation for Rosanique, Rosa Protégé and Rosa Silhouette.

The masks are dry powders and are activated at the time of use so that the benefits of the micronutrients in the masks are maximised. Rosa Hydrosol is the mixer for the two face variants – Rosa Double Usage and Rosa Radiance. Rosa Hydrator makes a great body oil or it can be mixed with Rosa Renewal for an extra special treatment. Essentially though, Rosa Renewal is quick.

Easy to use body rub. You place a small amount into a bowl or into the lid of the tin and rub it vigorously onto damp arms and legs. Concentrating on rough patches, such as heels, elbows and the back of the arms.

If one of the variants (Rosa Double Usage / Rosa Radiance) is sold with a Rosa Serum the benefits to be achieved are maximised.